Billet Aluminum
Ball-Bearing YO-YOs

These CNC Machined, Billet Aluminum yo-yo's are one of a kind. People of all ages will love them. They are beautifully styled and machined to the highest standards. The axle is made of a precision ball bearing that is pressed onto a stainless steel stud and fitted into a rolled threaded axel hole. This design eliminates wobble to produce extended sleep times (one minute sleep is easily achieved.)

The body gap and taper were carefully engineered for maximum response. We also provide shims to optimize the body gap and change the return characteristics so beginners and experts alike can set it up for their own personal preferences.

Hard anodized color on one side (Red for the Raptor, Blue for the Cutlass), silver finish on the other. The two-tone look is striking. You are never to old for one of these. They make fantastic gifts and are great conversation pieces. Everyone from the guy who just wants one to put on his desk or hang in his shop, to the serious yo-yo geek will treasure these!

Each one is serialized and available in limited quantities. These promise to be a favorite for all who own them. A photo doesn't do this piece justice. You have to hold one to truly appreciate the beauty, styling, and precision engineering in this piece.

"The Raptor"
Named for the three talon like features that grace the body of this yo-yo. The Raptor is the heavier of the two selections, and sleeps the longest.

Price $50 - Purchase the "Raptor"
(Payment Through Paypal)

"The Cutlass"
Named for the four blade like spokes that comprise the body of this yo-yo. The Cutlass is the lighter of the two selections, and plays a bit faster than the Raptor.

Price $50 - Purchase the "Cutlass"
(Payment Through Paypal)

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